Avastars CORE: Build the Future of Avastars, Today

The possibilities around Avastars are open and limitless. That means anyone can build new kinds of epic experiences and enterprises around Avastars anytime they want, however they want. 

Accordingly, people from all over the world are coming together to build out the Avastars ecosystem, and we want to make it as easy as possible for these 3rd-party efforts to be able to create magical projects on Avastars.

That’s why we’ve rolled out the Avastars CORE (Community-Optimized Resources for Enterprisers) Program, which allows 3rd-party developers to receive grant funding and hands-on mentorship for their Avastars projects. If you’re building something cool with Avastars, this program will be a great resource to your team.

For example, one community project that’s amazed us has been Kai’s Random Avastar Genderator. This, and anything like it that extends Avastars in new directions, is the kind of stuff we’d love to see more of.

What will you build with Avastars? If you have something Avastars-related in the works and -want to go deeper with CORE, please send an email introducing your project to Jim McNelis at info@nft42.com. Thanks, Teleporter Engineers!