Dissecting Avastars Gen1 Series 1 Pt. 1

The 5,000 Gen1 Series 1 Avastars sold out last month, and we’re really proud of reaching this huge milestone. More importantly, though, the Avastars community blossomed to new heights along the way. We thank and salute everyone who’s joined us for the journey this early on and want you to know we’re just getting started. We’re hungrier than ever on our mission to make Avastars a cultural tour de force for years to come. 

With all that said, digging deeper into what just happened with the Gen1 Series 1 sale can give us a better sense of how the future of Avastars may play out. We’re going to dissect the sale’s major happenings so you can easily wrap your head around its key intrigues. Here’s Part 1 of the analysis. 

Sold in a Flash!

Collectors rapidly nabbed the first several thousand Gen1 Series 1 Avastars. Roughly 3,000 Primes were “teleported” to Planet Avastar within just 3 days of the series launch on April 24th. The remaining 2,000 Primes steadily sold out over the following 17 days, so all was said and done within 3 weeks’ time. 

We were surprised at how fast things moved at first but ecstatic to see people fall in love with the scrolling and teleporting systems so quickly!

The Rarity Breakdown

We were really interested to see how the rarity levels of Gen1 Series 1 turned out, insofar as the final numbers ended up being pretty close to what we guessed they’d be beforehand. 

Unsurprisingly, Common Primes appeared the most as almost 3,500 were created. Uncommons came in next at just shy of 900 teleportations, while Rares came in at half that. As for the most desired Avastars, collectors managed to mint nearly 200 Epics and over 100 Legendary Primes. Nicely done!

Checking Out the Top Primes

Every Avastar is designated a score between 1 and 100 depending on the rarity of its Traits. A Common with 12 Common Traits scores a 1, while Avastar #0, the most fabled Prime, clocks in with a perfect 100 thanks to being composed of 12 Legendary Traits. 

Accordingly, some Gen1 Series 1 collectors were able to make off with notably high-scoring Primes. The top 27 scores in this Series were as follows:

Pictured below: Avastar #2407, the highest-scoring Prime in Gen1 Series 1

On the Odds

Traits are king when it comes to Avastars, so one of the magical parts about Gen1 Series 1 was seeing folks get hooked on scrolling in search of Primes with Legendary Traits. 

Finding these Legendary Traits, especially in tandem, is no trivial feat though. As the talented Kai, who’s renowned for having cracked the CryptoKitties Genome, explained in his excellent “Avastars ‘Unique By’ Ranking” write-up last month: 

So the probability of getting at least 1 legendary trait is about 3% or 1 in 34. But the odds of getting 4 legendary traits is roughly 0.000002% or 1 in 53 million.”

In other words, it’s hard to find even a single Legendary Trait in a Prime, and it’s vastly more difficult to get a Prime that has these Traits 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. So how did collectors fare in Gen1 Series 1 in this regard? The final results were as follows:

  • Primes w/ 4x Legendary Traits: 1

  • w/ 3x Legendary Traits: 33

  • w/ 2x Legendary Traits: 452

  • w/ 1x Legendary Traits: 2,549

  • w/ 0x Legendary Traits: 1,873

If you add the numbers above, you’ll notice the sum is 4,908. So what about the other 92 Avastars that make up the remainder of Gen1 Series 1? Cue in the storied misfits of this first series, the Series 2 misprints!

Rise of the Misprints

Every Avastars Generation has 5 Series, and each Series is capped at 5,000 Primes. In extension, every Series is distinct because they’re all composed of different possible Trait combinations. What makes Gen1 Series 1 even more unique, then, is that there are nearly 100 Gen1 Series 2 Primes amid its 5,000 Avastars. So how exactly did this happen?

It goes back to when we successfully completed our Series 1 test on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet. Everything went smoothly with the test, which cleared the way for the official launch. When we activated Series 1 on the Ethereum mainnet, however, our Rinkeby test’s completed Series 1 accidentally remained in place. We quickly fixed the problem, but not before early birds minted 92 Gen1 Series 2 Primes!

These Primes were supposed to be unique to Gen1 Series 2, of course. On the other hand, they’re now doubly collectable as a result of their special status. They’re also notable for offering a sneak peak at the interesting Trait possibilities to come in Series 2. The episode is now firmly part of the lore of Avastars, to be sure!

Stay Tuned for Part 2

Ready to learn more about Gen1 Series 1? Be sure to look out for the conclusion of our analysis in the coming days. Beyond that, if you have any other questions feel free to hit up the Avastars community at any time on Discord.