About nft42:

nft42 is the parent company of Avastars, InfiNFT, and TokenSmart.

Avastars is a generative art project that broke new ground by hosting all of its metadata on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are able to scroll through randomly generated Avastars until they find one that they like with a wide variety and scarcity of traits. The current generation’s artwork was custom designed by world-renown artists Marmota & Milky

InfiNFT is a new minting platform that boasts of having one of several “firsts.” This includes being fully decentralized and hosting all of it’s metadata on-chain. For creators, InfiNFT offers first 3D and mp3 minting capabilities.

TokenSmart is the rapidly growing community that stakes its reputation on holding NFTs to higher standards. Much of the activity and expertise lives on the TokenSmart discord channel. TokenSmart has also expanded into events and event hosting in blockchain-backed virtual worlds.

The common thread for all these projects is a consistent push to raise the bar for NFTs and people who are passionate about them. If you have any questions please reach out to our team.

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Tokensmart is a community focused on raising the bar for NFTs (non-fungible tokens) by exploring innovative products, platforms, and people. discord.gg/nft


Product owner of InfiNFT, I strive to push the boundaries of what "ONchain" really means.
Mission Director, Planet Avastar
NFT42 cofounder Creator of chainfaces, squigglyWTF, and infinft
Concierge and Manager of Community of Planet Avastar